Optus Festival Buddy Is A Free iPhone Guide For Sydney Festival

When you're attending a multi-day festival, tracking venues, times and dates can be a hassle. iPhone-toting visitors to the forthcoming Sydney Festival can simplify their lives with the Optus Festival Buddy, a specific application for the 2010 event.

It all sounds very neat — you can shake your phone for random images and video from the festival, as well as tracking venue locations and events you're attending. Nonetheless, it raises an ever-valid point: wouldn't the money spent on a specific app for one segment of the market be better spent developing a mobile site that worked on any phone? (Much of the festival site content is available on a mobile, but it still makes you wonder.)

The Optus Festival Buddy is a free download for iPhone users (and no, you don't have to be an Optus customer).

Optus Festival Buddy [iTunes store link]


    They do have a mobile-optimised website! its at www.optusfestivalbuddy.com

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