Spending Australia Day At Home? Find Out What's On Nearby With This App

If you're not sure how to spend Australia Day this year, you haven't much to lose by picking up the Australia Day 2013 app, particularly if you're in Sydney, or elsewhere in NSW.

The app's courtesy of the Australia Day Council of NSW and therefore has a NSW focus. However, there's an "Australia" section for those of us outside the state. It's available free on Google Play and the App Store, so regardless of your brand smartphone you won't miss out.

I'd like to have investigated the app in detail, but unfortunately it requires iOS 5.1 or greater and I'm not quite prepared to abandon my jailbreak set-up on 5.0.1. That said, if you find something of interest, let us know!

Australia Day 2013 [iTunes – Free] Australia Day 2013 [Google Play – Free, via Ausdroid]


    "so regardless of your brand smartphone you won’t miss out."
    so is it official that black berries and window phones are dead?

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