Today Only, You Can Cruise Around Sydney Harbour In Uber's Private Boats

As the Starks would say, winter is coming, so best to take advantage of whatever nice weather is left before the cold settles in. If you happen to be at Sydney Harbour today between 4-8pm, you can enjoy it on the water, courtesy of luxury car service Uber.

The company posted the news on its blog yesterday, stating the service will be available via the Uber app. Along with the regular vehicle options, you'll see one for "BOAT", which will display any of the company's watercraft near your location.

Each boat can carry eight or so passengers and travel will cost $3 per minute, so it's definitely one of the more costly modes of transport. I'm not sure what the boats look like or how comfortable they are, but if you happen to spot one — or take a ride — let us know how you go.

Sydney Harbour: Not Just For Photographs [Uber]


    Yeah we get it, your getting mad amounts of cash from Uber.

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