Lifehacker Hotel Vlog: Four Points By Sheraton LAX

One of the perks of working at Lifehacker is staying in a lot of different hotels, around Australia and around the globe. Hotels have a lot in common, but it's the little differences that stick out, as this video of the Four Points By Sheraton LAX proves. Actually, maybe that should be flush out . . .

Some quick background: In the latter part of the last decade, I regularly shot quick videos of the hotel rooms I stayed in and uploaded them to YouTube. Some proved quite popular. I've slacked off on that front in the last couple of years, but have felt inspired to kick the series off again recently.

These aren't exhaustive reviews: they just highlight some of the more unusual or notable features. At the Four Points By Sheraton, those features proved to be a very non-American toilet (a good thing) and a wardrobe in the bathroom (a weird thing). Check out the video for the full story.


    Not sure why anyone in Australia would care what one random hotel in the united states that is completely without any particular interest.

      Not sure why anyone would want to travel
      Not sure why anyone would travel to Los Angeles
      Not sure why anyone would have a stopover at LAX
      Not sure why anyone would want to know about a hotel they're planning on staying at
      Not sure why anyone would watch a hotel review
      Not sure why anyone would be interested in something I'm not

    If you've ever traveled in America, you would recognise that the toilet (while unremarkable here) is pretty unusual for America. That makes it interesting. And seeing as Aussies sometimes get stuck overnight at LAX (a common departure point for flights from America to Australia), a video vetting of a hotel at LAX is not a bad thing.

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