Get A Year Of Unlimited Backups From CrashPlan For Free

CrashPlan is one of our favourite cloud backup services, and you can snag a year for free right now. The offer gives you a free year of unlimited backups on one computer (normally $US60), or you can backup up to 10 computers for $US50/year (normally $US150).

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It's technically a deal for people switching over from Carbonite, but as long as you're not currently a CrashPlan user the deal should work for you. Once you sign up, you can follow our guide to creating an automated, bulletproof backup.

CrashPlan [via IT World]


    We’re sorry.
    At this time, the Carbonite Switcher offer is valid in the US only.

      US syndication strikes again. Seriously, what's the point of a separate Australian feed if we keep getting crap like this and sugru all the time on both?

    you neglect to say that it is US ONLY!..

    Yeah guys you really need to vet the crap you copy across from the US.

    To all the commenters complaining it's US only.. if you've been reading Lifehacker surely you know how easy it is to get around the 'US only' restriction.

    How do we do that?

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    I recently replaced Carbonite with Crash Plan and bought a 1 year unlimited subscription only to find that you can't back up files stored on network drives. Consequently it us pretty much useless to me as all my files are stored on NAS.

    Does anyone know of a way that I could back these up?

      Using Windows; you can create hard links that point to network shares.

      You can backup to/from to NAS drives like this.

        I've yet to find a way to do that, since i use VMWare for my day to day working it only accesses host drives via a network share i have apps that dont play nicely even though as far as i care its as good as local. But you cant create a hard or soft link to a network share. And most software still treats a network mapped drive differently than a physical drive.

      I'm in the same boat, don't save much to our PC, it's all on a little networked nas unit. This is very common these days. BUT, for some reason all the backup companies seen to think backing up network drives is a fancy corporate feature which requires a pricey business account. Someone needs to tell them it's not 1999 anymore! Anyway, so I subscribe to idrive which does allow backups from mapped network drives. For this reasonit is superior to carbonite, mozy, crashplan, etc...

    It would be nice if for once CrashPlan did something nice for their loyal Australian users who stuck around even after they screwed us hard on prices.

    for everyone that doesn't know how to get past the sorry it's only for US, use tunnelbear. I tried hotspot shield and it didn't work.

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