Enhanced Steam: A Better Way To Browse Steam’s Games Catalogue

Enhanced Steam: A Better Way To Browse Steam’s Games Catalogue

Steam, Valve’s online gaming store, provides a fair chunk of information when you view an item in its catalogue. But it could be working just a little harder. Enhanced Steam, an add-on for Chrome and Firefox, tweaks the layout of Steam’s product pages to display additional info including Metacritic user scores, included DRM and more.

Once installed, Enhanced Steam makes browsing Valve’s digital software catalogue a more informative affair. The extension’s website has a laundry list of features, but here are the ones you’ll want to know about:

  • Highlights the games and downloadable content you already own
  • Points out 3rd party DRM on games
  • Adds DLC categories to the product page
  • Finds out how much you really save on a bundle
  • See pricing history for each game
  • See how much you’ve spent on your Steam account
  • Displays Metacritic user scores
  • Gives you widescreen support information from WSGF
  • Replaces the Steam Greenlight banner

That last feature I’m not particularly excited about, but that’s probably because I have a game on Greenlight. Don’t worry, it’s not something I’ll be losing sleep over!

If you’re keen to check it out, you can download it free for Chrome and Firefox.

Enhanced Steam [Official site, via Reddit]


  • I installed it and checked, it doesn’t have the greenlight banner turned off by default, so it’s okay by me. This also reminded me to try out Zafehouse, I’ve been meaning to since I heard about it on idle thumbs, so great post on 2 counts. You have my greenlight vote, even if it might be too late for this round.

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