Drafts Adds Management Options And Better Evernote Integration

Drafts Adds Management Options And Better Evernote Integration

iPhone/iPad: Drafts is one of our favourite mobile note-taking apps. An update this morning adds a slew of new features, including some new organisation options and integration with the Reminders app.

If you haven’t used Drafts before, its power lies in the fact that it can send text to just about any other app. It’s essentially a starting point for all your notes. The big additions with this update are for organisation. You can now organise notes into an inbox, archive or pinned tab. You can also organise actions (like “send to Evernote”) into different tabs as well. Essentially, it cleans up Drafts and makes it a bit easier to use.

Speaking of Evernote, the Evernote integration goes even further, and you can now append notes to Evernote, easily create a new notebook and more (check out the developer’s guide for more on the new Evernote actions).

A bunch of other minor features have also been added, including full integration with the iOS Reminders app, improved text expander support and a new keyboard on the iPad. It’s a huge update, so check out the developers site for the full list and a few guides to the new features. If you’re new to Drafts, be sure to look at our starter guide.

Drafts for iPhone ($2.99) [iTunes App Store]
Drafts for iPad ($4.49) [iTunes App Store]


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