Drafts Updates With More Dropbox Actions And Workflow Automation

Drafts is one of our favourite note-taking apps on iPhone because it balances simplicity and power. A recent update adds a few new features, including wider cross-app integration and the ability to write your own workflows.

Drafts' integration with services like Evernote and Dropbox turns it into a hub for quick note-taking when you don't have time to deal with menus. The new features are certainly more geared towards advanced users, and they include URL Actions, which allows you to send notes to almost any other application with a simple scheme you write yourself (here's how to do that). You can also now access all of your Dropbox account to add text to any document you want and share actions with other Drafts users (check out the growing list here).

The update also brings a Workflow Automation function that lets you integrate Drafts with apps like Launch Center to do all sorts of interesting things (see the video above for one possible use). Get a full rundown on how to use all the new features at the link below.

Drafts for iPhone ($2.99) [iTunes App Store via Agile Tortoise] Drafts for iPad ($4.49) [iTunes App Store via Agile Tortoise]


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