Build A DIY Aquarium Light Stand For $4.99

Sourcing an external light source for your fish tank is relatively easy — but getting it to actually fit properly is another story. Here's an elegant solution that will put you back just $4.99.

"I purchased a light with a gooseneck boom that was too short to get the light centered over the tank," Clayton Smith explains at IKEA Hackers. "I had it sitting on the tank opening but that looked bad and incomplete."

Clayton's solution was to epoxy together pairs of IKEA Satta acrylic knobs at the ends to create 4 mini columns or stand-offs. This allowed the light to be elevated 2.5 inches off the glass, which kept it away from moisture and also gave the tank a more "complete" feel.

"Plus, the lucite/plastic knobs capture the magic of the LEDs with a nice glow," Clayton adds.

To replicate Clayton's light stand, the only materials you need are eight IKEA Satta knobs (available in packs of six for $4.99) and 5-minute epoxy resin/hardener.

Satta Sitter for Aquarium Light [IKEA Hackers]


    "you need are eight IKEA Satta knobs (available in packs of six for $4.99)" so it's really $9.98? plus the cost of glue.

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