Hack Two Wall Fittings Into A Vertical Bike Rack

Hack Two Wall Fittings Into A Vertical Bike Rack

Bicycles are great, but storing them can be a real hassle; especially if you live in a cramped apartment. Thankfully, our friends over at IKEA Hackers have come up with a DIY solution that will set you back less than $10.

IKEA Hackers reader Tom made his bike rack out of a pair of IKEA Kvartal Wall Fittings which sell for just $5 a pop. Below is Tom’s explanation of how it was done:

I bought two wall fittings for $4.99 each. Perfect for mounting curtains and bikes — turn them up-side down and you get two hooks for the handle bar of your bike. Before drilling, ensure that height and width match your bike (you don’t want to drill twice).

This vertical, space-efficient solution is perfect for garages, apartments or any other storage facility where your bike needs to be kept out of the way. As Tom notes himself, it’s not the most advanced hack in the world but it get’s the job done perfectly.

[Via IKEA Hakers]

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