DIY IKEA Monitor Stand

If you need to raise your monitor up a little without breaking the bank, IKEA can help out. Purchase four Capita furniture legs for $20 and an Ekby Laiva shelf for $4.99 and then attach the legs to the shelf to make an inexpensive monitor stand.

Bao at IKEA Hackers details the construction of this monitor stand, which should support the weight of anything short of a CRT 20"+ behemoth and provide accessory space underneath. Stainless steel and black is pretty common amongst workstations, but you can always repaint or purchase a board from a hardware store and stain it to match your existing workstation rather than using the Ekby Laiva shelf. While it's not as cheap in Australia as the original post suggests, it's still a pretty nifty solution.

$12 Monitor Stand [IKEA Hackers]


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