Surface Pro Australia Release Plans Confirmed

Australia missed out on the initial batch of Surface Pro tablets from Microsoft, but we have landed in the second group of countries to score the tablet. A brief statement from Microsoft today confirms that Australia (and New Zealand) will see the Surface Pro released "in the coming months".

No detail yet on pricing or an exact release date. The release says that the Surface Pro will appear in more countries "beginning late March", but that doesn't necessarily mean every country on the list will score the tablet at the same time. Supplies of the Surface Pro have run short in the US and Canada, especially for the 128GB version.


    So not really news as they weren't released in the preceding months. There's only the coming months left between now and the heat-death of the universe.

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    No detail yet on pricing or an exact release date.

    So we have the exact same information we has before then? Nothing.

    "Surface Pro Australia Release Plans Confirmed"
    Oh cool I wonder what the release date and price will be.
    "No detail yet on pricing or an exact release date." the thing you were confirming was that there are in fact release plans. You guys should post some articles on HL3.

      I wish there was a like button so that I can... you know, like your comment...

    Really,Microsoft ! this is how you turn friends into enemy. Management in MS, be ashamed of your performance.

    Was hoping to get one of these as my first tablet purchase, but the wait has been too long, im going else where

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