Surface Pro 3 Hits Australia On 28 August

Surface Pro 3 Hits Australia On 28 August

We’ve known since its announcement back in May that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet would hit Australian shelves in “late August”. Now we have a more precise release date: Thursday 28 August.

The Surface Pro 3 has been available for pre-order on the Microsoft Australia site since announcement. It will also be sold through JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman. Though well-regarded, so far the Surface Pro hasn’t made a big dent in the tablet market. Whether that will change with the relatively high-priced Surface Pro 3 (the cheapest model is $979, while the top-of-the-line 512GB i& model costs $2279) remains to be seen.


  • I personally can’t wait to get my hand on 1. Had the surface pro 2 and thought it was great, 16:9 was a little awkward for productivity but otherwise pretty solid piece of hardware. Will likely be the I5 256gb 8gb.

  • It is too pricey for me, the i7 512GB model (or the i& model as listed in the article) is what I would really require, but $2300 is a bit steep, I’d rather get an MBP for that money.

  • I have been using the Pro 1 and 2 and love them despite the flawed keyboard (STILL NO UCKING INSERT KEY!), and single USB port and I’ve laid hands on a Pro 3.
    It really is a beautiful device. Its Like Apple Hardware with a MS full powered OS.

    Soooo nice.

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