Microsoft Surface 3 Australian Pricing, Release Date

Microsoft Surface 3 Australian Pricing, Release Date

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a very effective laptop replacement, but it’s relatively expensive. If you like the Surface approach to 2-in-1 tablets but don’t need the same level of grunt, the newly-announced Surface 3 might do the trick. Here’s what it will cost in Australia.

Compared to its Pro sibling, the Surface 3 has a slightly smaller screen (10.8 inches), a quad-core Intel Atom processor and a less versatile kickstand (with three default positions rather than the “infinite” options offered by the Pro). It also uses a micro-USB charger and has a one-year subscription to Office 365 included.

The basic 64GB SSD/2GB RAM model sells for $699, while a 128GB SSD/4GB RAM version will cost $839. Both those models will go on sale on May 5 (you can already pre-order at Microsoft’s online store). Later this year Microsoft will introduce a version with a SIM slot for LTE connections; that will cost $839 for the 64GB version and $979 for the 128GB.

Hit Luke’s post on Gizmodo for the full specs and more details.

Microsoft Surface 3: A Smaller, Lighter, Better Surface [Gizmodo Australia]


  • Wait…is this the Surface Pro or Surface 3? You refer to it as both in the article.

    I assume this is the RT replacement (strangely not mentioned). I assume it runs full Windows.

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