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If you've been holding out for a radical update to the Microsoft Surface Pro, it looks like you'll be disappointed. According to leaks showing a minor change to the case and a CPU bump, this is very much 2017's Surface Pro all over again.


The Microsoft Surface line of laptops, desktops and convertible notebooks all feature an optional Surface Pen -- Microsoft's stylus that lets you write, draw and annotate documents and images. It works fine right out of the box, but if you find yourself at all frustrated with its functionality, you can customise it to fit your writing and drawing habits.


Consumer Reports is a US-based not for profit service that gives people recommendations on whether consumer products are worth buying and live up to vendor claims. Getting a tick from them is a big deal, especially in US markets. And a black mark can be a massive cause for concern which is why there will be a bunch of people at Microsoft HQ panicking at Consumer Reports' dumping the Surface from its recommended product list.


The Surface family of computers is a big part of Microsoft's resurgence over the last few years. The Surface Mini was meant to accompany the Surface Pro 3 back in 2014 but Microsoft held it back. While it looks a lot like a Surface Pro that's been cut down, it ran a Snapdragon processor, just 1GB of memory and 32GB of storage.

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Microsoft's Surface Book has always been a unique gadget -- a great ultraportable laptop, with the extra appeal of a completely detachable tablet screen that contains all the smarts and processing to run proper Windows. The newest Performance Base variant of the Surface Book adds double the graphics power, without making any significant compromise on battery life -- but it's also using tech that Microsoft's competitors have left behind.


Dear Lifehacker, I am looking for a new laptop. After pricing up a few different options I've settled on either a MacBook Pro or a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (i5, 256gb). They are similar specs for a similar price. As much as I prefer OSX, I'm leaning towards the Surface because it doubles as a tablet. Am I making the right decision or should I stick with Apple?


Microsoft is doing a voluntary recall on the power cords for its Surface Pro tablet range due to an issue with the cable that causes the power supply to overheat, which can pose a fire hazard. Hundreds and thousands of Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 users could be affected. Here's what Microsoft has to say about the issue.


In a little under an hour, Microsoft will open its first Australian store in Sydney's Pitt Street Mall. The two-story facility will showcase a range of top-tier Microsoft products including the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Band 2 wearable -- all of which are available for the first time today. But arguably the most intriguing feature is an in-store Answer Desk that promises to service and debug any Microsoft product for free, even if it's running on Apple hardware.


Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet finally launched in Australia today with the base 64GB model selling for $999. Unlike the ARM-powered Surface RT, the Surface Pro is a fully-fledged PC that runs on the full version of Windows 8 Pro. It comes with a third-generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a full-sized USB 3.0 port. So, are any readers planning to snap one up, or is your heart set on a competing tablet or ultrabook?