Precorder Ensures You Never Miss A Moment With Your iPhone's Camera

Say you're trying to take a video of your cat doing something hilarious. You could risk missing the moment by waiting until something happens to hit record, or you could use Precorder.

The concept of Precorder is simple. You open the app, and it starts recording video automatically in the background. Once you hit the record button, the last several seconds of footage will automatically be prepended to everything that you record. This could really come in handy at sporting events, be it a professional game or your kid's soccer match; just wait to hit record until something cool happens, and you'll know that Precorder captured the beginning.

Precorder comes in three varieties. A free version will store three seconds of video before you start recording, a $1.99 version will keep 10 seconds, and the $6.49 Pro version will save an entire minute.

Precorder Free (Free) [App Store via MakeUseOf

Precorder ($1.99)

Precorder Pro ($6.49)


    If you're going to go through the trouble of having the recording app open, camera active and burning battery and pointing the phone at what you want to record, why not just record it in the first place?

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