Chromebook Pixel Supports Linux and Android

When Gus looked over the Chromebook Pixel recently, he liked the design but didn't think much of the Pixel's productivity potential. It's feasible to take a Pixel and run other operating systems on it, including Ubuntu and Android.

Liliputing runs through the basics of getting Ubuntu and Chrome OS running side by side, as well as getting Android running from a USB flash drive. Not everything runs all that smoothly, and in Australia we're still a notably Chromebook-free zone, but if you were keen on importing a Pixel and wanted more out of it it's at least feasible to do so. Because it runs through the Chromebook's Developer mode, it's also said to be a very easy process to reverse if you just wanted Chrome OS running.

How to run Ubuntu, Android, other operating systems on the Chromebook Pixel [Liliputing]


    Is there any reason Windows 8 wouldn't run?

      This. If it could run windows 8 like any other laptop I'd get one in a flash

    LOL, it's been a while since i saw anyone asking about windoze. This days, it's like someone asking for a VHS.

      @ Canta

      VHS? I think you mean beta tape.

      Yes, trying to put windows on it is missing the point. The point is that you don't have to take windows off of it.

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