Still No Chromebook Pixel For Australia

Google’s original 2013 Chromebook Pixel — an overpriced folly with a screen that had a resolution too high for Chrome OS to actually use — never scored an official Australian release. Right now, the 2015 update isn’t getting one either.

Overnight, Google announced a new version of the Pixel, complete with a pair of USB-C connectors — the same interface used on the latest MacBook. The MacBook only has a single port, however; Google notes that having one on either side can help minimise cord clutter, as well as giving you the option of having a USB drive or other device plugged in while connected to power.

The new basic model has 8GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD and a Core i5 processor, and Google claims it can offer 12 hours of battery life. At $US999 (plus tax), it is, like its predecessor, a lot more expensive than the average Chromebook. (You can also pay $US1299 for a model with a gruntier processor.)

What that price tag might be in Australia isn’t clear yet, since the initial release is US-only. (The 2013 Pixel was released in the US and the UK.) An imported Pixel would work provided you had a suitable power adaptor, but that’s still an expensive experiment.

Given the history, we’re not holding our breath for an Australian release — the newly-revamped version of the Google Store, also launched today, doesn’t even include a Chromebooks category for Australians. We’ll update if we hear anything different.

Meet the updated Chromebook Pixel and the new Google Store [Official Google Blog]


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