Where To Sit During Different Types Of Business Meetings [Infographic]

Where To Sit During Different Types Of Business Meetings [Infographic]

The business world can often feel like a game of musical chairs. This infographic from furniture website SeatsandStools explains the optimum seating position for a range of business situations: from job interviews to formal lunches.

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“As you’d probably guess from our name, we spend a lot of our time thinking about seats (and stools),” explains the website. “We puzzle over questions from what kinds of chairs are best for powerful but approachable executives (answer: comfy breuer chairs) to what custom tables will be the best fit for your neighborhood pub (answer: it depends on the pub). But even we were surprised by how much your seat can play a role in a successful business outcome.”

You can check out the full infographic below. Personally, we prefer a standing desk — when there are no chairs there are no rules.

[Via seatsandstools.com]

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