The Cubicle Standing Desk

Today's featured workspace is a standing desk that blends in with the typical grey cubicle decor (and doesn't scream "hey, I've hacked my desk!"). Lifehacker reader Corey Bauman created this setup to help ease his lower back pain and customised a monitor mount so the screens can be moved around for the best angle.

By now you've probably already heard that sitting all day is killing you, so many people (including myself) have turned to standing desks. Standing all day isn't exactly comfortable either though, so Corey's solution is to use a high stool when his legs or feet hurt.

The pivoting monitors offer flexibility for any angle, and the whole setup cost about $US75. The monitor mount was originally designed to clamp to the desk, but to make it tall enough for standing, Corey flipped it over and welded a U-shaped piece of metal to it to hang it from the cubical wall.

It's a pretty smart solution that you could adopt for your own cubicle or home office. More photos, including a standing desk setup belonging to Corey's brother are in the Google+ link below.

Standing Desk [Google+]


    I love my standing desk. I also have an anti-fatigue mat, I think that also helps as you are adjusting to standing from sitting.

    More flexible furniture is a reflection of the fact that our work and work patterns have become more flexible. The days of sitting 8 hours a day behind your computer are definitely over!

    I'm actually using an l-shaped height adjustable desk like this one: I find it gives me more space so that I can stay organized

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