The Sit-Or-Stand Open Shelving Workspace

The Sit-Or-Stand Open Shelving Workspace

Today’s featured workspace not only has lots of built-in organisation and a pleasant natural vibe, it’s also a flexible setup for transitioning between sitting or standing to work.

The workspace belongs to Flickr user Woman on the Moon. There aren’t many details of the setup on Flickr, but it looks like she built this open-shelving-plus-desk unit — a prettier version than one we’ve seen before — and a matching standing desk so she can avoid the hazards of sitting all day or work while seated if she wants.

Here’s the standing desk:

The Sit-Or-Stand Open Shelving Workspace

and description:

The monitor is mounted by a swing arm to a board that sits halfway between the sitting and standing positions. This makes it easy to have my screen high or low, depending on how I am working. The standing desk sits over my radiator when not in use.

Standing desk from the front [Flickr]


      • No sorry, looked it up a few times though. Search standing desk motor, or electric, and minimum quantity 1. You can get them for a couple of hundred with memory functions, and shipping isn’t too bad for frames only without the desk top. Then you can makes the top as stylish or plain as you want, instead of the public service spec you can buy assembled in Aus.

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