A Pixel-Perfect Graphing Calculator Emulator

Most of us have memories, both fond and frustrating, of using graphing calculators in school. JsTIfied is a great webapp that can emulate the most popular models.

To use JsTIfied, you'll need to supply it with a ROM image for the calculator of your choice, which shouldn't be hard to find with a quick Google search. The site even provides a tool for compiling that ROM as a JPEG so you can upload it with your iOS 6 device through Safari. Once that's loaded, you'll be able to do anything you could do with the real calculator, using the exact same interface. The attention to detail is extraordinary. From the pixels on screen to the placement of the buttons, everything is how you remember it. You can even write or run programs within the interface, and even export or import them if you create a free account.

Nostalgia aside, this could be a great tool for helping your kids with maths homework, or just for brushing up on long-forgotten maths skills.

JsTIfied [Cemetech via WonderHowTo]


    Compile the ROM as a JPEG? I think this article is taking the concept of a ROM image a bit too literally.

      No, it literally turns the ROM into an image your iOS device can upload, since iOS device can't upload arbitrary files.

        Actually quite awesome. I wonder how much other stuff you could turn in to a jpeg? Like an nintendo cart/rom image... hm..

    What a waste. Not the app - the calculator.
    These big boys and girls (HP 50g) are all based on variants of the ARM processor. So every high school graduate has the makings of an ARM development system. Keypad, memory, screen, cpu.
    Some games have been played on them [Portal] but that's about it.
    For about $40 more than a TI Nspire, you can get a TI Stellaris "Starter kit" that you can expand to your hearts desire. Am I the only one seeing a missed opportunity, for all those old calculators?

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