Use A Muffin Tin To Dish Out Condiments At Your Next BBQ

Planning for an Australia Day BBQ? You'll want to serve condiments, whether that's tomato sauce for the sangers or dips for the vegetables. Here's a clever idea way to offer your guests just what they want without hassles: reach for your muffin tin and use it to serve a variety of sauces.

You can see the idea portrayed in the pic above. At party planning site Catch My Party, one writer used a muffin tin as a small serving vessels for condiments and other add-ons to avoid leaving an entire bottle of mayo or mustard out in the hot sun all afternoon. Pop a few spoons in each section, and your guests can help themselves without unscrewing a lid or squeezing mustard all over their plates.

It's obviously not perfect if you need large quantities (the onions above being a case in point), but for ease of carrying and subsequent clean-up it's a great idea.

Photo 10 of 40: Motocross / Birthday [Catch My Party]


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