Quickly De-Stink Your Smelly House By Cooking Vanilla Extract

So your house doesn't smell particularly nice and you've got company on the way. You can improve your home's scent by burning some vanilla extract (or any other essential oil).

Photo by Monika Wisniewska

Redditor jimothywhite explains:

Put two caps full of vanilla extract (you can use other oils, such as lemon and lavender) in a coffee cup (or oven proof dish), then place it in the oven at 300 degrees [around 150C] for one hour. The smell will start to spread after around 20 minutes and encompass the whole house after the hour duration.

Should last for at least a day.

Although not a permanent solution, if you need to remove a bad smell, this sounds like a good stopgap measure.

Invited someone over and realise your house smells less than stellar? Burn an essential oil of your choice in the oven! [Reddit]


    fair warning, i tried this once and accidentally burnt it. that smell is absolutely horrible

      been there! Vanilla paste in the fridge went all hard. Oh, I'll soften it in the microwave, I thought. Genius move... (vanilla carbon is what I ended up with)

    Not sure I see how this 'removes' a bad smell. It just adds to it.

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