Use Vanilla To Eradicate Fridge Odours

It's a time-honoured handy hint, but worth noting if you haven't encountered it: a dab of vanilla on a cotton ball will help get rid of odours and create a subtle but pleasant fridge smell.

Photo by nlian.

Bicarb soda is often highlighted as a fridge odour solution, but vanilla has the advantage of adding its own scent. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract, then place the cotton ball inside an open-topped, small container such as a glass jar and put it in the back of the fridge. When you notice you don't get a vanilla-y smell anymore upon opening the door, just take the old cotton ball out and replace with a new one. also suggests that you can put a few drops of vanilla in the water you use to wash out your fridge, as well.

Vanilla Scent for Your Refrigerator []


    I'm sorry, but if you've got whatever that picture is in your fridge - vanilla on a cotton ball is just not going to cut it!

      it looks bad at first: but if you look closely I think you will see it is a vanilla bean that has been sliced lengthwise.

      It's actually a picture of a vanilla bean pod. Smells better than it looks!

      Sharyn, it's a vanilla pod.

    It's a vanilla bean, genius.

    That may well be a vanilla pod Sharyn. You're funny

    Another trick is to leave about a quarter of a cup of bicarb powder in a cup in the fridge to absorb odours.

      ^ I was just going to say that!

      Vanilla is nice, but it always reminds me of the smell of urinal cakes. Not the best thing to associate with food.

        You've been eating entirely the wrong type of cake then...

    Bi-carb in the fridge is a myth.

    The vanilla trick also works well in a freshly painted room too, you might just need a bit more than a cotton balls worth.

    A colleague tried this vanilla trick on the office fridge, after we had lost power over a weekend. All it did was make the already sickeningly sour fragrance smell sweeter and more sickening...

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