Clean Your Freezer With Vanilla

If your freezer's musty scent is infusing your frozen foods and ice cubes with the scent of old socks, home and living site Real Simple recommends a quick wipe down with vanilla extract to cure the problem.

By dampening a cotton pad with a small amount of vanilla extract, the stale smell wafting out of your freezer will be banished, and in turn, your frozen foods and ice will taste a little better. It's a simple and quick fix to remove the funk that seems to plague even the cleanest of freezers.

Banish that Must Freezer Smell [Real Simple]


    there is a vanilla scented kitchen spray on the market, it is this for smells and cleans as well...cheaper than a bottle of vanilla too

      It's called McLintocks vanilla fresh fridge wipe and deodorizer and it's great not just for cleaning freezers but fridges, microwave ovens, food prep areas etc

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