Do You Repeatedly Visit The Same Holiday Destinations?

Do You Repeatedly Visit The Same Holiday Destinations?

A survey of 1049 Australians by suggests that when we choose holiday destinations, we’re likely to pick a return visit to a familiar place over the exotic and unknown. 83 per cent of those surveyed said they were likely to visit the same place more than once, especially with domestic destinations. Does that apply to you?

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  • No I dont, I always like going to new places I’ve never heard of. I can understand if people go to the same place because a lot of people dont like change, and are afraid of going somewhere that will not be fun. But how are you supposed to know if you dont go? Go everywhere you can imo.

    • ++
      Although I’ve been to the Great Forests in SW WA twice and I plan to go back to the Daintree
      The only places I’ve been repeatedly are those that are just for a weekend away and even then, I’ll usually stay in a different location and visit different places.

      PS: My wife would be pretty keen to just go to places where Gary Ablett is swimming!

    • I enjoy going to new places, but I think this question could be answered more by why someone goes on a holiday.
      If you can actually find change, and adventure in your day-to-day life, there’s less motivation to seek it on a holiday. In fact, it could get pretty stressful, so you’d be more likely to use a holiday strictly for the purpose of relaxing. In that sense it feels better to return to a more typical, familiar place. It becomes a second home, but without the stress. It’s nice to consciously acknowledge the feeling of taking something so luxurious for granted. That is to say, you don’t feel pressured to be experiencing something new every minute of every day, to remain constantly active.

      People bored with their everyday lives are more likely to use a holiday as a chance to break out of the routine, and experience that lifestyle diversity and change with a more adventurous vacation.

      Obviously there would be overlaps (People who have an exciting life who also want an exciting vacation, and people who have a boring, or relaxed life who also enjoy a more relaxed holiday), but my point is that people who take familiar holidays typically aren’t afraid (After all, they had to go on that holiday the first time), but are merely seeking something fundamentally different from you.

  • I’ve been to Thailand 3 times and i’ll be going back again this year. I really like the country and it’s people but this time for example will be visiting a completely different region I hadn’t been to before.

    I will try other countries in Asia too, but i’m a bit nervous about doing that (especially travelling alone). I feel safe and comfortable in Thailand, and the prices of everything are good. It also has good internet infrastructure compared to some other countries for “cheap aussie O/S travel” and that’s something I value in a destination.

      • Thanks for the tip sjc i’ll look into that next time, i was looking at going to Malaysia (Penang, specifically) next year and maybe i’ll look at cambodia after that.

        When I say “good internet” it can be either 3G or WiFi – Thailand doesn’t have much 3G outside of Bangkok, but it’s 2G network is extremely fast and reliable just browsing web pages – you wouldn’t even know it was 2G until you tried to download a file and got 20-27kbyte/sec. The hotels have good wifi (i don’t mind paying for it) and my experience is 1.5-2mbit speeds back to AU or the US.

  • Yes. In fact I only have 1 travel location, but that’s mostly because of financial reasons and the fact that that location has the majority of my family.

  • It depends on the holiday and what you’re looking for.

    This year I went to Wilsons Prom for literally, no idea how often but it’d be more than years i’ve been alive. It’s a nice, calm relaxing feeling going somewhere you know and like.

    However later in the year i’m off to Africa to experience new things, new places.

    It so depends. Often you find somewhere nice, that the familiarity is part of the attraction for the relaxation.

  • We spend a lot of time up in Sydney, it’s pretty easy to get to by car or train and has a hell of a lot more you can do than Canberra, but also spend one or two holidays a year elsewhere, usually somewhere new each time.

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