Deodorise Practically Anything With Kitty Litter

We've previously mentioned that kitty litter does the trick when you wande-stink smelly shoes or eliminate garbage bin odours. How-to illustrator Yumi Sakugawa notes that it works well in several other situations as well.

If you're out of bicarb soda, a bowl of kitty litter will do the trick just as well. It also works wonders on nappy pails, musty old books, and even a smelly car. You can dump kitty litter pretty much anywhere that stinks and just toss it out (or vacuum it up, if necessary) once it absorbs the smell. Just don't keep it around too long because it can become damp and gross. In the case of the garbage can, changing it weekly is best. In the fridge, you can go about a month (just as you would with bicarb soda).

10 Helpful Non-Kitty Uses for Cat Litter [Secret Tips from the Yumiverse]


    The down side to this is best illustrated by the time I tried to use cat litter to clean up a spill of sour milk in my kitchen (had just returned home from holidays). The cat saw the pile of litter in the middle of the floor and... well... used it.

    Kitty Litter is also fantastic for leaching water out of things that shouldn't be wet - I once dropped a camera into engine coolant - the kitty litter removed all of the liquid from it over several days

    Does it have to be a special type of kitty litter or would my recycled paper kitty litter also do the trick?

      I would assume it has to be the silica gel type kitty litter.

      Clay or organic based kitty litters dont' absorb odours or liquid the same way

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