De-Stink Smelly Shoes With Cat Litter

De-Stink Smelly Shoes With Cat Litter

Do you have a pair of shoes that aren’t worn out, but are just too smelly to wear? You could buy any number of de-smelling solutions from your local store, but we head straight for the cat litter.

Photo by Poolie.

To eliminate odours inside your shoe, simply fill a loose knit sock or some pantyhose with litter and tie it off. Work it into each shoe and allow to sit for 24 hours. The litter will help dry up the stinky bacteria that causes the smell, and it’s likely a lot cheaper than powders and potions sold at major stores (especially if you’ve already got it on hand).

That’s about all there is to it. Outdoors web site has more details, so head to their instructions for the full low-down. Cat litter isn’t just useful for your precious feline friends, of course—we’ve already shown you how it can be used to save your soaked mobile phone. Got your own clever use for cat litter? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Get rid of those shoes. The smell is because they are holding bacteria and feet fungus like tinea and ringworm.

    Quarantine them and so that they don’t spread to your private parts and cause months or years of agony.

    You will end up spending hundreds of dollars on creams to get rid of the jock itch, athletes foot and finger nail fungus.

    People need to tell their flatmates, partners and friends who have smelly feet to check it out by a doctor or don’t hang around them.

    Why is this site giving bad advice to people. This is worse then using detergent for shampoo idea which was published here a few weeks ago.

  • Chuck the shoes in a bag in the freezer overnight. Because the smell is primarily from bacteria, the freezer kills it. put them in the sun in the morning to thaw out. this doesn’t completely remove the smell, but it helps heaps.

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