Ask LH: Can I Get Rid Of The Jailbreak On My iPhone?

Hey Lifehacker, I have a bit of a problem. I am running iOS 5.0.1 jailbroken on a old beast of a 3GS. I really want to update to iOS 6 but how can I keep all my contacts and mail accounts? Thanks, Phone Panicker

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Dear PP,

Jailbreaking is always a risky procedure, inasmuch as it's not what the device was built for; that's not meant to read as a condemnation of jailbreaking — it's your device, do with it what you want — but where it contrasts with what the software (and in Apple's case, hardware) manufacturer offers, there's no warranty on everything working.

Upgrading to iOS 6 will almost certainly involve a factory restore of your 3GS if it's a jailbroken device. That shouldn't stop you from using a utility such as iFunBox or similar to back up your mail and contacts, presuming that iTunes doesn't restore those regardless, especially if you were only using the stock mail and contacts apps to begin with.

There's a side area to consider here; while the 3GS will run iOS 6, you don't get all of the new features of the OS; I'd carefully consider whether whatever you're getting out of jailbreaking is worth losing for the sake of a limited iOS upgrade, especially as iOS 6 jailbreaking is still in its infancy. Then again, while I regularly use Apple's iDevices, I rather quickly tired of the jailbreak arms race, so perhaps other Lifehacker readers will have a different point of view?

Cheers Lifehacker

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    I had to restore to factory when doing an upgrade from jailbroken somewhere in the iOS 4x region, all I did was sync with itunes, wipe, upgrade, then restore backup from itunes. Worked a treat.

    You could use iCloud, works fine on Jailbroken devices, but personally I prefer manual control.
    For a Windows PC, make sure you have MS Outlook & iTunes library that has previously been used with your iPhone.
    Make a new MS Outlook profile.
    Transfer purchases in iTunes, and set up to sync Contacts/Calendar/etc. with Outlook. Bookmarks too.
    Forward any important emails to yourself that only exist on the iPhone instead of your proper make client for some silly reason
    Backup your notes (Forward them to yourself as an email)
    Check all your others applications one by one and make you you have everything you need either saved elsewhere, written down, or already on your computer (eg: music and video). Transferring off an iOS device is a major pain so the more you have the originals of in your iTunes or elsewhere on your computer, the better.

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