Store Steam Purchases In Your Inventory In Case You Change Your Mind

Steam's latest big sale might have just ended, but the digital download service always has something going for a discount, regardless of the time of year. Instead of having your impulse purchases permanently locked to your account, store them as gifts in your Steam inventory so you can trade or gift them at a later date, while still having the choice to install them yourself.

The option is somewhat hidden during the checkout process, as you have to select "Purchase as a gift" before the "Store the gift in my inventory to send later" option becomes available. By storing your purchase in your inventory, you buy yourself a cooling-off period without missing out on good sales. There will be times when a couple of months pass and you'll see a game you picked up for cheap but have no desire to play. Now you can trade or gift it to someone else, possibly for something you do want.

With Christmas coming up, it's a great way to pick up some bargain gifts for a fellow Steam user that you can deliver at a more appropriate time, or even a birthday months down the track.

Steam [via Reddit]


    But you've already paid for the game! So you might as well play it.

      I'm assuming this is when those big sales take place, and people end up buying alot of games in one go, with some not intended for immediate action.

    You can choose to redeem the game yourself if it's a gift in your inventory.

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