The Nap In A Sunbeam Desktop

Flickr user Kytsumy has a desktop that is both adorable and informative. A lot of the information is in the centre, where it's naturally covered up when she's using it. However, when she's using another system or another monitor, this one displays the song she's listening to, new messages in her inbox, and offers quick access to her most often-used files and applications.

Want your desktop to look the same way? Here's what you'll need:

  • The wallpaper from Wallbase (although if anyone has an original citation for the photographer, I'd love to cite it.)
  • The Rainmeter system configuration and management utility for Windows
  • The Cowon Clock skin for Rainmeter for the clock
  • The LED skin for Rainmeter to create the status monitor bars and email notification bars
  • The Nooto theme for Windows 7 to replace the taskbar and start button
  • Rocketdock as an application launcher with text icons

The only part of the desktop I couldn't dig up is the media player she's using, and whether it's part of another skin she's already using. She didn't mention it in the description, but if you guys know, leave it in the comments below! The bars across the centre of the screen are an interesting look, and there's no resisting the cat in the wallpaper. Want to make this desktop your own, but need some help? Head over to Kytsumy's Flickr page and ask your questions, or visit our guide to Rainmeter for some tips.

The Awakening [Flickr]


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