New Office 2010 Buyers Will Get Free Upgrade To Office 2013

Microsoft hasn't yet confirmed final pricing for Office 2013, but it seems to be readying for launch. New purchasers of the full version of Office 2010 are now being promised a free upgrade when the updated software ships.

The deal lets buyers of either the box copy version of Office 2010 or the subscription Office 365 release, for which global pricing has been announced. Any purchases made between October 19 2012 and April 30 2013 will be eligible to download the final version of Office 2013 at no charge when it ships.

No official word yet on when Office2013 ships, though early 2013 is widely assumed to be the target date. The promotion can't be redeemed after May 31, 2013, which effectively sets an outer limit on the release.

The deal mimics a similar scheme where Microsoft offered cheap Windows 8 upgrades for new PCs purchased after June this year — a scheme which hasn't been very rigorously policed.



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