Office 2013: What It Costs In Australia

Office 2013 officially went on sale to consumers today. How much will you pay? The cheapest subscription version is $119 a year in Australia, which gives you five licences which you can install on either PCs or Macs.

The Home Premium edition of Office 365 (the name for the subscription release) costs $119 a year. That includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access, as well as 60 minutes of Skype calls a month and 20GB of online storage through SkyDrive. The apps are installed on your local machine, not accessed online.

If you don't want a subscription version, you can purchase a single conventional licence of Office for $599, which includes the same software (but no Skype or SkyDrive). This pricing is clearly intended to dissuade home users from buying the full standalone edition. That price equates to five years' subscription, and only covers a single machine, so it's hard to see any context where it will be better value.

Two more stripped back standalone editions exist: Home And Student 2013 ($169) and Home and Business ($299). Both contain Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote; Home and Business also adds Outlook. Again, the pricing makes a subscription look favourable in most circumstances.

Those prices are slightly higher than the US, where the Home Premium subscription costs $US99. Microsoft matched US pricing for Windows 8 in Australia, so we had hoped the same would happen with Office, but it wasn't to be. That said, the pricing is considerably lower than with previous versions of Office. You're locked into a licence if you want to use the software, but that's effectively costing $24 a year per person.

For a full rundown on what's new in Office 2013, check out our overview. No word yet on new small business prices or retail availability for box copies; we'll update if we hear anything.

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    Uni staff and students can still get it for $99, which is a great deal.

    Also, any word on when the 2013 consumer preview will end? I'm running that at the moment, but will need to change to the full version.

      Didn't that go with 2010? Thought they stopped this with 2013?

    20% higher than the US pricing is not "slightly higher".

    Buy it in USD and save yourself the $20.

      Also don't forget that the US advertises WITHOUT tax included. The actual difference is probably closer to 10-12%

        then get a shipping address in a state with no sales tax.

      spend the effort to find someone who will ship you the US edition and then pay postage so 'save' $20

        Err, no.It's a download.

        And not all states have sales tax. What I said originally stands.

    Office Home and Student 2013 is for 1 PC - where as 2010 covered 3. Quite a drop in value. I personally dislike the option of subscription software. Once I have purchased it, I want to have access to that version for as long as I want, and I want to be able to decide if and when I want to upgrade it. The household has 5 licensed installs of Office 2010 - but I won't go for Office 365, and I won't upgrade the standalone version due to cost. It will be added to Window's 8 as another Microsoft product that will earn no money from me.

      Then you are more than welcome to pay $599..... :D

        that's why they invented pirate bay.

    the 60min Skype calls is an interesting + I must say...

    Looks to be good value overall for the subscription model (I have TechNet so been using it for awhile)

    Been loving the upgrades so far :D

    Students Teachers and Faculty can pick up Office 365 Uni edition for $99.
    2 x Licences for 4 years.

    I'm quite happy with getting Office 2013 Professional Plus for $30 myself!

      Certainly, mind you they have only charged me $15 so far.

        Me too, was a little curious about that. Thought perhaps they'd charge the other $15 when they shipped the backup dvd, but nothing on that front so far. Looking at these prices, I'm pretty darn happy with either $15 or $30!

        I just looked at my bank statement. You're right, I've only been charged $15 as well. If they just keep it at that and don't send out the disc I'm good with that.

      Cmon, who needs the backup DVD? :p

      Best part is I have two work emails for two different domains. so 2x HUP for $30.

        Nobody wanted the backup DVD, it was not possible to checkout without adding it to the cart (see OzBargain / Whirlpool threads). P.S. You are actually allowed to install the HUP software on two computers, so two licences = 4 computers.

          Putting one on my mums computer and laptop, shh ;)

          I didn't use the hotmail hole to get hup, my work actually has a hup program so I didn't have to buy the DVD.

    Check out with your HR and IS guys at work as you may be able to pick it up through the Home Use Program. Through my companies Home Use Program I have picked up a copy of Office Professional 13 for $15. That plus my Win 8 upgrade over the net of $39 and a new SSD has brought an old laptop back to life for low bucks.

    Windows 8 upgrade is only the same price as the US till Thursday. As of Friday 1st Feb they increase to $199.99 for the upgrade while we get hit with the Australia tax and have to pay $399.99!
    US -
    AU -

    Geez, with the Microsoft Home Use Program via my employer, I got Microsoft Office Professional Plus for $15 too!

    Check if you are in a big company that you don't have access to this.

      But that supplier is paying a fortune on a SA agreement with MS for each licence. That's why the home use ones are so cheap.

    I'm still rocking Office 2007

      Please. Office 2000 here. So insanely fast compared to anything from the last decade.

    That's not a bad deal indeed. Esp since it includes Outlook and Access which normally only come in the bend-over-and-think-warm-thoughts priced versions of Office. Of course we all know that real men use Lotus 1.2.3. and WordPerfect... and we do just FINE thanks very much ;)

    Does anyone know when the current Office 365 will be changing over to the office 2013 suite including Sharepoint 2013? And does anybody have any idea how that migration from 2010 to 2013 will work for sharepoint?

    LibreOffice is great and it's free.

      Haven't used Libre, but my trust of free office apps is pretty low after working for a tight arse company who used open office a few years ago. That rubbish corrupted most office documents that were created by microsoft office.

    Does anyone know what does the the ** next to Publisher and Access mean?

    I'm using Google Apps - it's free and is far better user experience.

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