What Australians Will Pay For Office 2013

Office 2013 doesn't yet have a confirmed release date, but the subscription versions for consumers and small business now have pricing. Which packages are available and what do they cost?

The official Office blog today revealed the planned subscription prices for Office, which are quoted in US dollars but will apply across "227 markets worldwide" for consumers and "86 markets worldwide" for small businesses. Both subscription versions include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher, will incorporate regular feature updates, and will offer a 30-day free trial. These are the options available:

  • Office 365 Home Premium: costs $US99 a year (this equates to $US8.33 a month, but is billed annually). The subscription can be used across 5 separate machines (PC or Mac) with different users. You also get 60 minutes of Skype calling a month and an extra 20GB of storage on SkyDrive.
  • Office 365 Small Business Premium: costs $US149.99 a year (this equates to $US12.50a month, but is billed annually). The subscription can be used across 5 separate machines (PC or Mac), but those machines must have the same user. The bundle also includes Lync, a 25GB Outlook mailbox, and online meeting features.

Microsoft will continue to sell standalone Office 2013 licences, but these will be for single users only. In the US, the simplest Home & Student Edition (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) will cost $US139.99, the Home & Business Bundle (which adds Outlook and Access) will be $US219.99, and the Professional Edition (which adds Publisher & Access) will be $US399.99. Those prices are all lower than the current official Australian prices for the 2010 versions ($189, $279 and $499 respectively), a pattern which we suspect will repeat itself when we get official local pricing. Regardless, the pricing is clearly designed to encourage people to choose the subscription option.

We've asked Microsoft for details on how these prices will vary in Australia, and will update when we hear. Previous business versions of Office 365, which are sold through Telstra, have featured separate pricing for Australia.

The new Office 365 subscriptions for consumers and small businesses [Office News]


    There's a few errors here. Both options are "Office 365 Home Premium". Seems a little odd that the second offering costs more but restricts to having the same user. Also got some tags there.

    Having not used Microsoft Office at home for over five years now, and still using 2003 at work, is there any reason to go for these when Open/Libre Office appears to do the job adequately for free?

      D'oh! Thanks for spotting those stupid mistakes, fixed now.

      On a touch screen Microsoft Office will definitely be your best option for now.
      Libre office and the like are great for editing text and making simple presentations and exel spreadsheets but they are missing some extra features that MS Office has which many people will find useful. On top of that a lot of people have trouble understanding the 'Save As' feature when sending docs as .doc format. Don't know why.

    How can a single user bundle add excel it it already has it?

    Think I'll stick with Office 10 thanks!
    It's still very relevant and does everything I need an office suite to do.

    Provided the Australian price isn't too different to the US, the subscription offer actually seems like a pretty good deal, with the Skype and Skydrive bonuses being what they are. It will be good to see if MS offers discounts for uni students on the subscription like they do on the standalone Office University 2010. Although I guess it depends on your circumstances - if you've only got one machine, subscribing will end up more expensive over the 3 years or so before the next version of Office is released, but spacing out payments and the extra features and updates would probably offset that for me.

    And yes, I've tried the freeware alternatives, and yes, they're great for what they are, but in an industry which relies heavily on Track Changes and quite particular formatting, they're just too much of a headache.

    Another option is to pirate the software. Not condoning it just putting it out there for the cheapskates.

      Nah.. Too many trojans and other nasty shit in pirated Software, not worth the risk these days.

    With Skype credit, multiuser licence and extra cloud storage this is looking like a pretty good deal.

    I'm still using office 07, it still gets the job done.

    Office 2013 allows PDF editing also which is a big pain in the ass when it comes to protecting company IP.

    if it's more than Pages or Keynote, forgetaboutit.

    I seem to remember Microsoft going down the subscription road for Office 2003, and it was a bit of a disaster. Personally, I think they need to bring forward a few more of the SharePoint collaboration features to match off what you can do with Google Drive. Otherwise, the subscription model is still lacking in comparison to other offerings.

    The 25GB Outlook Email Account is the office 365 microsoft hosted exchange server using your own domain right? Not the new Outlook which is replacing Windows Live Mail?

    anyone else think MS office is a "dead man walking"? notepad does everything you need.

      LOL, you are obviously kidding us, right? Notepad can use professional looking styles and style sets, so with one click you can completely change an entire document's appearance, or parts of it. You can add photo effects with reflections, frames, 3D bezels, etc. You can use colour themes, font themes, paragraph spacing before/after, headers & footers...etc., etc.

      Wow, they really have improved Notepad these days! lol.

      I've just realised, I think you meant Wordpad and not Notepad, right? That certainly would meet the needs of the average non-professional home user. It won't meet the needs of professional business people though.

    This Australian will pay nothing....why would anyone pay when they could use Open Office or Libre Office instead??

      Maybe because MS Office is vastly superior to those archaic looking free solutions. You clearly don't know how to use Word properly or you wouldn't make such a statement. Libre Office has horrible presentation of margins on the page, is slow at starting and cannot create a professional looking document in twice the time it can be done in MS Word. There are so many features in Word these days it is crazy.

    Dealing with other people in the multimedia industry, staying up-to-date is vital for me. Unfortunately I'll have to fork out getting Office 2013 regardless of the price.

    I fail to see WHY we are now RENTING software, this is a legitimate PURCHASE, why can't we keep using it after 365 days? This leaves us no choice to have to pay a ransom to continue to use what we've already paid for, considering the overbloated prices we already pay for software, especially when we have to DOWNLOAD (at our cost) it with no real media for installation.

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