Infographic: Australia's Big Things On A Map

Size matters. If you're planning a holiday and want to check out the 'big things' dotted around Australia, this infographic highlights the main attractions from the Big Banana to the Big Barramundi.

Picture by James Manners

The map, produced by East Coast Car Rentals, doesn't show all 150 big things. It's not 100 per cent accurate (the Big Banana is in Coffs Harbour, not Port Macquarie as the image suggests), but it might give you a few useful road trip ideas. Hit the link for more notes on each location.

Big Things of Australia Map [East Coast Car Rentals]


    's funny, the big Macadamia nut and the Big Pineapple are in the same place, less than 200m apart, yet they're listed here as being in two different towns over 5km apart.

      You'd think for the effort that has gone into creating the infographic they'd have done a better job.
      Not only are they misplacing Big Things, but they're misplacing towns. Tailem Bend ain't in Victoria!

      And to misplace the Big Banana is an unforgivable offense, Coff's Harbour is written on the side

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        Thats what you get when you put all your creative work on and are only willing to pay $200 for someone on the other side of the world to stitch it together for you...

    Can't see the Big Merino at Goulburn on that infographic. :

    What about the big rocking horse in Gumeracha, South Australia? see

    They missed The Big Rockinghorse in Gumeracha, SA. ;-)

    There is no mention of the Big Merino (Goulburn).
    Unless they were confused about the Ram (Wagin)?

    Tailem Bend, and hence the big Olive is in South Australia and in the wrong position on the Map. They also forgot the Big Rocking Horse in Adelaide.

    I don't think the big prawn has been in Ballina for years.

      What I mean is that it has been removed,

        It hasn't been removed, although it has been run down for quite a while.
        they are in the middle of the refurbishment of it

        its still there, covered in graffiti and looking worse for wear

    I did not know that we had a giant mushroom in Canberra (Belconnen).
    I asked some of my colleagues that live there and they didn't even know about it.

    Don't forget the 'Biggest Pile Of Bullshit" in Canberra. It a big white building half concealed in dirt.

      Which building is that??

        I'm assuming it's none other than the federal parliament.

    Big banana is in coffs harbour not port? It actually says the name in the picture!!?!

      Lol, I emailed them about The Big Banana. They wrote back saying thanks and that they'll fix it up shortly (still nothing yet though). No big issue lol, just that when you grew up in the town it becomes a big part of your life.

    that list is whack yo. It says the big easel twice (one should be macadamia), Tailem Bend is in SA not VIC, the Big Koala is in Dadswells Bridge, not Wimmera, a lot of omissions (as pointed out). Also, where's the big hole (suggestions anyone? possibly Olympic Dam?)?

    no giant mozzie.
    ozzie the mozzie at hexham (newcastle)

    The Big Cigar, Churchill, Victoria (built after Sir Winston Churchill, dunno if it counts? )

    Plus the giant's chair at the Dandenong observatory place sorta thing, but I don't know how big it has to be to be considered big enough for the map.

    This would have been better as a Google Map, as you could add more POIs then as people send 'em in.

    The map is wrong for WA. Meckering should be on top where Wagin is then Wagin underneath it and brunswick junction to the left of wagin on the coast.

    It's a pretty lame big thing, but wikipedia records the 'big watermelon slice' at Bushy park (fruit wholesale), Wantirna South (Melbourne).

    This infographic looks nice, but the wikipedia article is probably more comprehensive and accurate, if you're planning a road trip.

    There should be a license requirement before people are allowed to make Infographics. Done well they can be very informative and educational. Unfortunately most these days are half-arsed efforts that present wrong information with glaring gaps. Such as this one.

    Thanks for all the feedback - infographic has been updated with all the feedback provided -

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    East Coast car rentals have no insurance and rip people off

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