Australian Big Things: Lifehacker’s Complete List

Australian Big Things: Lifehacker’s Complete List

From the Big Banana to the Big Stockwhip to the Big Tennis Racquet, Australia has made building giant objects as tourist attractions a major national pastime. We’ve gathered together all of Australia’s ‘big things’ on a single map so you can check out giant objects near and far.

Picture by MD111

We featured an infographic on Australia’s big things last week, but that only showed a handful and also contained some errors. Commenters asked us to assemble a more detailed map, so here you go!

The map below shows every currently visible big thing in Australia (146 in total). We’ve based the map on the listing from Wikipedia, but have removed no-longer-active sites. Click on any of the pins to see details about a particular location and a web site link (which will go to the Wikipedia page for that location if a more detailed page isn’t available). You can also search the map for specific big things (there are multiple bananas, oranges and chooks to discover), and zoom in for a more detailed view in crowded areas.

MORE: See me discuss the five best big things on Ten Breakfast.


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