Australian Big Things: Lifehacker's Complete List

From the Big Banana to the Big Stockwhip to the Big Tennis Racquet, Australia has made building giant objects as tourist attractions a major national pastime. We've gathered together all of Australia's 'big things' on a single map so you can check out giant objects near and far.

Picture by MD111

We featured an infographic on Australia's big things last week, but that only showed a handful and also contained some errors. Commenters asked us to assemble a more detailed map, so here you go!

The map below shows every currently visible big thing in Australia (146 in total). We've based the map on the listing from Wikipedia, but have removed no-longer-active sites. Click on any of the pins to see details about a particular location and a web site link (which will go to the Wikipedia page for that location if a more detailed page isn't available). You can also search the map for specific big things (there are multiple bananas, oranges and chooks to discover), and zoom in for a more detailed view in crowded areas.

MORE: See me discuss the five best big things on Ten Breakfast.


    You forgot the Big Rock, 200 miles SW of Alice Springs :)

    The Big Poo in Kiama??? Must have missed it last time I visited.

      "The original idea for this structure to contain a Potato Information Centre but due to rising costs this dream was never realised." - Wikipedia page on Robertson, NSW

      Dream big.

    How do save this to my custom google maps?

    Wow, you've even got the big banana at Mackay and the big (well, not really big, but definitely larger than life size) cane toad at Sarina. But how could you overlook the Big Kangaroo at Matilda Roadhouse, surely one of the better places to stop during a long drive?

    How was Ploddy, the Australian Reptile Park's dinosaur at the Somersby interchange on the F3 missed out?

    There's a medium sized prawn (or some sort of crustacean) on the Pacific Hwy south of Newcastle. Street View has captured it.

      +1 - I was just about to say this

    Great to see the full range of big things - the one from the last post has been updated at - would be great to get all the big things on but was tricky in static format

    You missed the big Heskey in Newcastle

    You forgot the Big Cherrys in Young NSW

    What about the big bird eating the worm on the EastLink Freeway near Frankston in Victoria

    This sounds like a really awesome road trip itinerary! Haha! If I had the time, I would definitely get some of my buds together and try to get this list done!

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