Build A Bicycle Cargo Carrier With A Milk Crate And PVC Pipe

We've previously covered DIY bicycle panniers, but they usually require your bike to be fitted with a cargo rack. If you don't have one, you can use PVC pipe and fittings to support a milk crate.

Instructables user bonedoggie needed a basket to transport vegetables and used a PVC pipe to build a frame to hold the milk crate. His bike had an unused hole drilled by his rear axle, so he drilled holes in the PVC to attach and built a frame to hold the milk crate. This seems to be a great way to add cargo room to a bike on a budget.

PVC and Milk Basket Bike Basket [Instructables]


    There's at least $20 worth of PVC and fittings there. For that price you could just go and buy a pannier to put your milk crate on. At least then you know it would be assembled correctly (I notice no PVC cement was used to secure those pipes), and attached to your bike securely (that seat "attachment" is laughable).

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