Build A Compact Bike Rack Out Of PVC

Build A Compact Bike Rack Out Of PVC

If you own a bike, but have no suitable space outside to store it, keeping it against a wall in your home is the only real option. If you find yourself in this situation, a portable DIY bike rack is a perfect solution to keep the bike in its place.

Fuego316 shares his process on Instructables. The tutorial is pretty self-explanatory; all you’ll need is about 20 feet of PVC and some L and T connectors. Just arrange them according to the instructions, and you’ll be finished in no time.

Apartment PVC Bike Rack [Instructables]


  • Nice one, except only really for indoor use as it’s not weighted against the weather, and also can’t lock it or the bike up :

  • The other problem is that this kind of PVC tubing isn’t used (and so isn’t available) in Australia. The closest thing is comparably sized electrical conduit which is MUCH more expensive. In the US, this kind of tubing is <$.50 for a length. In Australia, you are looking at > $2-4 depending on size.

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