Hide Your Valuables In Plain Sight With This DIY False Bottom Crate

Do you have a secret stash of... something... you want to keep secret? Then this DIY project may be for you. With some woodworking skills and tools, you can build an attractive wooden crate with a hidden drawer.

Wood shop teacher Mr Noack shares the six steps to this project on Instructables. If you don't have the exact machinery to do this project, don't be discouraged, he says, because there are many ways to build a crate. Mr Noack's plans and instructions, however, can inspire you to create your own version of this practical object or an exact replica.

False Bottom Wooden Crate [Instructables]


    What if the robber uses the create to stash all our other belongings in ??

    Hmm, one flaw i see is what if the thieves use the nice handy "empty" crate to put other stolen items in, like CD's or DVD's Etc.

      Why does it have to be empty? You can stash random invaluable stuff the robber wouldnt care about, also it could be used to hide belongings from family members.

    Nah…. thats a terrible place to store my drugs…I mean adult magazines…I mean sand. Yes sand. A terrible place to store my sand collection.

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