Build A Dremel Drill Press Out Of PVC Pipe

Build a Dremel Drill Press out of PVC Pipe

Drill presses can come in handy for a lot of DIY projects, but if you won't use one all the time, it can be tough to justify the immense cost. If you're not afraid to build one yourself, it's possible with PVC pipe.

This tip comes via Instructables user amjohnny, and it's complicated, to say the least. All in, you'll be using nearly 50 pieces of PVC, plus a few other odds and ends, including a dremel drill. The instructions are very clear and precise though, so if you can manage the shopping list, you shouldn't have any trouble with the build.

The result looks pretty scrappy, but it willget the job done for most household projects. For the complete guide, click through the source link.

PVC Dremel drill press [Instructables]


    beyond a curiosity this is dumb, did you even look at this "immense cost" of a drill press?

    $99, first result on the bunnings website.

    Not to mention that there is a branded dremel drillpress press stand for $68

    And the dremel itself costs around $130!!!! Even before you start buying 50 elbow pieces of PVC that start at about $2.50 each.

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