Microsoft Surface Gets Australian Pricing, Pre-Orders Open Now

Microsoft Surface Gets Australian Pricing, Pre-Orders Open Now

Australia is one of eight countries worldwide that will be able to order Microsoft’s Surface tablet online from October 26. We’ve got all the local pricing and availability details.

Microsoft will offer three versions of the 10-inch Windows RT tablet for Australian customers: a 32GB model for $559, the same model with a black Touch Cover for $679, and a 64GB model including the Touch Cover for $789. Individual Touch Covers will also be available in black, white, magenta, cyan or red for $139.99, and the Type Cover which incorporates a built-in keyboard will cost $149.99. Microsoft is predicting delivery “by November 6”. Pre-orders placed before October 24 will get free shipping.

In the US, the entry-level Surface model costs $US500. Before you start screaming “Australia tax”, bear in mind the prices for Australian include GST; knock that off and there isn’t a significant difference. In the US, the devices will also be sold through Microsoft stores, but there are no local retailer plans for Australia yet. (Other countries which get online ordering are Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. As usual, New Zealand isn’t in there!)

Pre-orders are being taken online from 3am AEST October 17. Microsoft says there will only be a “limited quantity” in this release, I have a suspicion the first batch will sell quite quickly. The Surface includes the preview version of Office RT, but will update to the final version when that’s released later in the year.

Microsoft’s price point makes the Surface cheaper than the iPad (the cheapest entry-level current iPad is $539, but only has 16GB of memory, while the 32GB model is $649). Those who were anticipating a massively cheaper device will presumably stick to the Nexus 7 or other Android tablets for now.

Are you tempted by the Surface at this price? Tell us in the comments.



  • Have not brought Microsoft for ten years but was very tempted by the Surface. Until the pricing and specs came out. I am sure it will suit some people well but I think I will go for a full Ultrabook as that suits my needs more. Had this device been a bit cheaper I may have been persuaded.

    Look forward to having a play with one sometime though.

  • If the $559 model included the touch cover, or at least if the touch cover was a more standard accessory price, I’d be ordering right now. Sadly, it’s not.

  • The only reason I’m not tempted is that the thing’s too big for my personal tastes. I want something about the size of my Kindle 3 – i.e. about 7″ or 8″ screen – as that’s about the limit for being able to hold it in one hand.

    A few manufacturers already produce 7″, WXGA Tegra 3 tablets so I’ve no doubt that ASUS, Samsung and even Lenovo are considering how best to use existing plant and inventory to sell both Android and WinRT. You know what would be totally kickarse? Nokia making a 7″ WinRT tablet with PureView, Lumia styling and their awesome software – Drive, Music, City Lens, oh yeaaah!

    • My god do I want an 8″ Nokia WinRT tablet. With Nokia Drive onboard and an Xbox music pass, it would be going in the dash of my car to replace my headunit.

    • Did you read the article.
      “In the US, the entry-level Surface model costs $US500. Before you start screaming “Australia tax”, bear in mind the prices for Australian include GST; knock that off and there isn’t a significant difference. ”

      If you got money to buy a surface, $60.00 isnt much at all.

      • Unless the buyer in the US is from a state that doesn’t have a sales tax. There is no federal sales tax in the US, it’s up to the states – and some states don’t have any (and none are as high as 10% – highest is 7.23% – most are under 6%) – and the tax you pay is where you live, not where the company is based. (In some states, some cities can also add a sales tax – but they don’t apply to online sales)

    • Because in Australia we have a 10% GST. In the US, the advertised prices do not include any sales tax (and some states in the US don’t have any). Same as instore in the US – the prices you see on the shelves don’t include tax – that’s added at the register.

  • If you release a tablet that’s the same price or more expensive than the iPad then you’ve failed. Consumers won’t care about specs or the apps that might come along, they care about price and what they can do with it right now.

  • Very tempted. I note delivery only free for limited time. Will wait though for battery real life review. But, really hanging out for pro version. But really tempted because I hate waiting.

    • I gave in to the hype and pre-ordered one. I figured that if it doesn’t meet my needs, I can sell it in three months and go pro hahahah probably sell it to my parents too..

  • thats pretty good.
    if you include the keyboard then it is almost exactly an ipad.

    i dont like how its only the black as standard though and you need a bit extra for the colour ones.

    i will still be waiting for the pro though as that seems to be what actually meets my needs.

    however i do wish i could trade in my 32GB ipad 3 for one

  • Just pre ordered, cant wait, this is the start of this exec trimming down on harware and experimenting. Will trial until full windows version is released then sell it and upgrade if its a good experience. So for me it I am trying it out to see if i can use it as and in office alternative for all my meetings (grunt stuff still on a PC & multi monitors), while it reduces my travel weight and ease. Lets seee where it goes. We have also had this device in mind for field trials for one of my companies as a better alternative to the iPad that we use now. With the iPad we rely on business apps converting PC software intoo field mobile solution but they still lack, If the full W8 version works as we hope this will be a game changer for all our mobile staff and we will be li ing up for them.

  • I pre-ordered the 32Gb with the touch cover. I am hoping it will have better performance and intergration with all the stuff I use (eventually when its more established). Will be happy I can intergrate my ZunePass (sorry XBox Music). If it is built as nicely as my ZuneHD I will be very happy. Hoping it will be a nice replacement for my Xoom.

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