The Microsoft Surface Pro Is Available Now: Who’s Buying One?

The Microsoft Surface Pro Is Available Now: Who’s Buying One?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet finally launched in Australia today with the base 64GB model selling for $999. Unlike the ARM-powered Surface RT, the Surface Pro is a fully-fledged PC that runs on the full version of Windows 8 Pro. It comes with a third-generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a full-sized USB 3.0 port. So, are any readers planning to snap one up, or is your heart set on a competing tablet or ultrabook?

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With prices starting at $999, the Surface Pro is a bit on the steep side, even for a high-end tablet. Throw in a Type Cover (which is essential for full business functionality) and you’re looking at an additional $149.99. The 128GB version of the Pro is even pricier, with an RRP of $1099.

We know that the Surface Pro has quite a few fans among our readership, but are you willing to fork out over $1000 for one? Or are you planning to hold off until the price comes down? Alternatively, if you’re in the anti-Surface camp, what laptop or tablet model should people be buying instead? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • I’m not going to say I’m anti surface, but with its current form factor (significantly thicker and heavier than other tablets) I’m not interested thanks!

    (And yes I know it “does” more. But I’d mostly use it on the couch looking at Facebook so it’s increased specs don’t mean much to me)

  • I’m uhmm-ing and ahh-ing on it right now. If it had been release 6 months ago here (or even 3 months ago), definitely. Now the semester is pretty much over, I might as well wait until semester 2 at the start of August, and see if the price drops (and/or Microsoft announce a Haswell-based Surface 2).

    Though I did notice that in celebration, JB Hi-Fi looks to have knocked $100 off its Surface RT models.

  • I would have definitely bought it during the time it came out in US and Canada. Then I thought about getting it 2 days before being released in Australia. Now that I’ve read that Japan is getting a 256 Gb version as well as MS Office included free of charge and cheaper than the US price, I’ve decided to wait and see what the future holds. Hoping to see if a new version with Haswell chip for longer battery life, the 256 Gb storage and free MS Office.

  • I’m very tempted by the idea of the Surface Pro, but unsure how usable day-tot-day it would be. Not willing to drop $1300 on what might be a novelty!

    • I’ve had a Surface Pro for a few months now. If you want to use it like a tablet it’s great, but this thing really shines if you use a touch screen, keyboard and mouse to make a dock for it. I’ve essentially been using it as a desktop PC for work that I can snap off and take home as a laptop/tablet.
      It’s far from perfect, some of the software is awful* and there’s stupid design flaws like the pen and charger sharing a slot, but I’m really happy with it. I guess it depends on what you want though.

      *Ie, their media player sucks but since it’s Windows I can just download a regular program instead of an App.

      • I too think it is too late. They are trying to sell us a product so late after its original release in the USA that people know there will be a better one out soon (ie haswell 256gb), why would you invest $1300 on a product that will be superseded so soon. I want one but do not want to feel like all those iPad 3 owners that bought only to have the iPad 4 come out a couple of months later.

  • Ive already bought mine (preorder), just havent picked it up yet. I heard about the Japan 256GB version, but upgrade announcements always happen. I was a bit disappointed but it is something that I need right now.

  • While I was waiting for a Pro I got a 128GB i7 USB3 Yoga for ~$1500 and it has more grunt than my 18mo desktop so the only thing I’m missing is a pen.

    By the time I replace this unit, I expect to be paying about half as much for a lot more capacity and features.

  • I’ve had one for two months now and its the best portable computer and/or tablet I’ve ever used. It’s absolutely amazing for doing work in my engineering degree (note-taking, matlab, multisim, ssh etc) as well as a portable entertainment device. Only downside is that the battery life isn’t amazing (3-4 hours) but you can’t have everything.

    • Yeah. I’m not one to complain about battery life, I don’t really use thing while I’m away from a charger, but the Pro really loses a lot of portability thanks to the battery.

  • Having played around with one yesterday, I am sorely tempted. It is a very impressive piece of kit and from my shot time playing with it, I reckon it could definitely be all things to all users. The trick is to sit down at a desk with it to see just how well it performs as as a laptop/desktop replacement. I’ve already tried my brother’s (work) Surface RT so I know it is more usable when sitting or lying on the couch than my PlayBook, so discovering it is also handy at my desk got me thinking long and hard. Ultimately, though, I am going to wait for Haswell. hopefully MS will just bung it in when it’s ready, rather than wait for a Mk II version or any of that Applesque bullshit.

    • +10

      It’s a great machine, looks good and I reckon it’d be really useful. However with Haswell coming out and no desperate need to buy one right now, I can afford to wait for MS to update the guts. Or alternatively, for other manufacturers to release something with Haswell that matches Surface for size and utility.

  • I love my pro.
    ive had it for about 2 months now with just over a month of properly using it at work.
    I absolutely love it.
    I use it in conjunction with my office pc. I take it to meetings and use it for notes as well as sharing documents.
    I recently had to send the better part of a week in hospital and it was very useful for getting “real” work done.
    productivity is definitely less than a desktop set up but it does open up where you can work and it really is very light compared to the folder and printouts I used to carry around.

    I am amazed at how good the handwriting recognition works. and I have enjoyed integrating evernote into my work routine.

    I have not found space an issue as I have full office, many other applications, games and some hd movies on there. sure it requires you to think about your media but I doubt anyone wanting to use it for a proper work machine will have issues. plus the usb 3 port can be used with a 1TB or up drive so no more issues. I have 64GB uSD card for most of my media which is great.
    I also got the ms wedge mouse which is great. its not the best for all day work but as a bring with you just in case type thing it works really well.

    I highly recommend it but I also recommend to look at what you will use it for and if it is just for web browsing and a few app type games then there are more affordable options.
    but as far as an ultraportable workstation, this thing rocks. oh and get the type cover

  • I bought a Surface Pro 128GB from HN this morning – very happy with it so far.
    Type cover works great, pen is impressive, screen beautiful.

    I don’t think its fair to compare it to an iPad, instead compare it to a Macbook Air plus an iPad!

    I managed to find a use for my iPad though – I used it as a Personal hotspot to download everything I needed onto my Surface Pro.

    • Considering getting this to replace my MBA and iPad for uni as well (you guessed right- engineering). Not sure if I should hold out till the end of the year though, not like I really need it right now.

      • If you need battery life longer than 4 hours, I would probably recommend waiting for the next iteration.
        Battery life isn’t too big of a concern for my situation (software dev working from home with occasional time away from a power source), but if I was out and about all day then the limited battery life would be a bit of an issue.

  • Haswell comes out in two weeks. So no.

    I question why Microsoft bothered to release this in Australia at all, given that the market is about to flood with win8 tablets with twice as much battery life and more power?

    Now there’s a story, Lifehacker.

    • You really think you’ll see high end Haswell tablets before Q4 this year? You might see Desktop Haswell in the next couple of months, and some crappy rushed mobile devices, but this type of device in Haswell is a while off.

    • There’s a wide gap between a flooded market and a market of devices available in Australia. A friend has just been working his way through a list of high-rated touch ultrabooks and none of them are sold here.

  • Will wait till Haswell and 4G. Or any other device that will do Haswell, 4G, min 1080p, pref a dockable keyboard with extra battery at around 1KG for the lot, 1.5KG max. CPU speed ill be fine with an Atom. My current Toshiba Portege R500 is a dual core ULV 1.33Ghz Centrino 1. Has 12.1″ LCD, DVD, 3 USB, PCMCIA, SD and weighs less than the MacBook Air 11″.

  • I do want one of these, but I just don’t need it right now. My TouchPad still serves my casual computing needs and I also have a beast of a laptop for real work.

  • I got a surface RT back in november because my little netbook was dying fast. I thought ok once the Pro comes out, I’ll sell my RT and get it then, months and months of waiting for Pro and now it’s here, but I think I might wait for Haswell. I mean RT is filling the gap for the moment and I only miss using google chrome and torrents but still, it’s a bit annoying that they took so long to put the product out and now there’s doubt about whether or not there will be a new surface coming out any time soon.

    That said, if a Haswell version comes out and they stuff around again with the Australian release dates, I’m going to buy it from the states and not wait around till they sort themselves out.

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