Microsoft Slashes Surface RT Prices For Schools

Microsoft Slashes Surface RT Prices For Schools

Microsoft has announced that it will sell Surface RT tablets to Australian education institutions at discounted prices. For a limited time, schools will be able to snap up RT tablets for as little as $219 each — that’s over 50 percent off.

    The Surface RT school offers are as follows:

  • Surface RT (32 GB) for $219 (RRP: $559)
  • Surface RT (32 GB) with Touch Keyboard Cover for $279 (RRP: $679)
  • Surface RT (32 GB) with Type Keyboard Cover for $319 (RRP: $708)

The offer is only available to education institutions. All prices are GST inclusive and come with an express warranty. We’ve run our eyes over the terms and conditions and there doesn’t appear to be any stipulations in terms of minimum orders, which is good to know.

Not to be confused with Microsoft’s Surface Pro, the RT is a mid-range tablet that runs on a cut-down version of Windows 8 and a low-powered Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. While many professional users consider the RT to be too much of a compromise machine, it makes perfect sense for students and education institutions. You can read more about the offer at Microsoft’s website.

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[Via Microsoft Australia Blog]


    • Have you even tried it? Its not a computer, it’s a tablet, and far better then iOS or Android. Full office 2013 integration, USB port, great battery life and syncs with other Win 8 devices.

      Great price for a great bit of technology

  • I wonder which institutions are going to take up this offer and how they’ll distribute the machine to their students.

  • If I read the information right, its actually not available for students to purchase at this price, it’s for the institutions to purchase and use.

    So this doesn’t really help students buy a “take home” computer/equipment to help them with their education/assignments.

    Please let me know if I’m wrong because my girlfriend would love to buy one for Uni.

  • Also I love how the Type Cover combo is an extra $40 when they sell the Type cover on it’s own for an extra $10 more than the Touch cover. (They’re doing this because they know the Type cover is the only REAL option for touch typists, which 98% of all students should be)

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