IKEA Tablet Stand From DVD Rack

IKEA oddments often make great technology stands. Case in point: you can easily convert a $10 Inreda DVD rack into a stand for a Nexus 7 or similarly-sized tablet.

As Mike at IKEA Hackers notes, the process doesn't involve much more than trimming the Inreda to size with a Stanley knife or other suitable cutting tool. You may need to experiment a little to ensure your tablet balances. If you're confident with your DIY skills, check out the deluxe Brada iPad stand.

'Restlet' - a low cost IKEA Tablet or Smartphone Stand [IKEA Hackers]


    OTOH, I just bought a very good magnesium-alloy stand - complete with choice of viewing angles - from eBay for about $8 delivered.

    I have a new drinking game.
    1. Visit lh.
    2. If there is an article on repurposing Ikea product, drink 1 shot.
    3. Call an ambulance, you just drank like 25 shots.

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