Turn An IKEA Napkin Holder Into A Stand For Your Macbook Air

Turn An IKEA Napkin Holder Into A Stand For Your Macbook Air

The Macbook Air is a paragon of portability, but when not on the road many users like to use a larger keyboard, pointing device, and monitor. Twelve South sells a great stand for your Air to facilitate this, but at $US40 it can be a bit pricy for just a stand. Instead consider using a $3.49 Ikea Fantastisk napkin holder.

IKEA Hackers shares that the Fantastisk sports a clean minimalist design that fits right in with your Macbook Air. You can use it as a stand with no modifications, but the author uses an Apple sticker and four pieces of adhesive-backed foam to avoid scratching the Air’s aluminium case.

This is a quintessential repurpose — a pricy accessory is replaced in both form and function with a cheap accessory designed for a completely different function. If I had a Macbook Air I’d order this tomorrow.

Macbook Air Desktop Stand [IKEA Hackers]


  • Feel like getting an Air just to be able to get this stand…

    But seriously it’s a nice idea. Thinking of getting a different ultrabook sometime later this year and this *does* look like it supports various devices.

  • I wonder, if you rig it *just so* so that there is a USB hub and Mini Displayport aligned and sticking upwards, you could put the Air on its side and dock it. Shame about the power

  • how in any way is the macbook air the paragon of portability? there are shitloads of netbooks smaller than it, and tablets, inculding the ipad, for that matter, also some new ultrabooks are quite a bit thinner than it, could this article not as easily just been called “Turn An IKEA Napkin Holder Into A Stand For Your Notebook”?

    • This is quite an ignorant statement. The MacBook Air is neither a “netbook” or “tablet” at all. It is the “paragon” as you call it, of a new line of ultrabooks. As of right now, there is little competition, if you want to even call it that. And if you don’t want to believe that the Air is the “industry leader”, then ask yourself, why does every new ultrabook that emerges in the market, resemble and compare itself to the MacBook Air.

      Anyway, back to the napkin holder topic…

  • I don’t think the title of the article is a reflection of the author’s *opinion* that the MacBook Air is a paragon of anything. Could have left that part out and still had the same article. Besides, it does look like an apple device stand.

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