Hack A $10 DVD Rack Into A Pan Stand

Cooking pans can be annoyingly difficult to store; especially if you have a smallish kitchen. Whether you stack 'em awkwardly in a cupboard or leave them on the stove top, the results are rarely satisfactory. Alternatively, you could try this simple DVD rack hack.

To create the above pan holder, all you need is an IKEA Inreda DVD Rack which retail for $10. Simply whack it into your kitchen cupboard and you're done! As DIY hacks go, it doesn't get much easier than that.

The main benefit of this hack is that the pans are stacked vertically rather than on top of each other. This makes them far easier to grab. For a more elegant fit, you could also sand down or snap off individual runners to make wider slots.

[Via IKEA Hackers]


    Cool! Finally I will be able to neatly stack my 7 roughly equally sized pans into my tiny cupboard of my tiny kitchen. Because 7 roughly equally sized pans is what a tiny kitchen has.

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