Turn A Coffee Table Into An Arcade Cabinet

Turn A Coffee Table Into An Arcade Cabinet

It’s easy enough to turn your computer into a retro arcade, but IKEA hacker Sam Wang decided to take it a step further and turn his into a cabinet. All it took was a cheap table and a couple of drawers to house an awesome, two-player game centre.

Sam explains his process:

I spent a month just researching what I had to do [to make an arcade table like the Double7 Arcade Table by Surface Tension], and then also had an idea to use stuff sourced from IKEA to hack something together, but it never went beyond a few conceptual sketches and links to items on IKEA. Then about 6 weeks ago, IKEA was having a sale before the end of financial year and saw a BESTÃ… Bench on sale for $US25 down from $US95 so thought what the heck, if I mess it up, it’s only $US25… Then saw these INREDA drawers on sale for $US5 each!

Sam documented the entire process with photos and provides basic instructions on his blog. This isn’t the world’s simplest DIY project by any means, but the results look impressive.

My DIY Arcade Machine Coffee Table [Swangle via IKEA Hackers]


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