Tomato Price Rises Affect Subway

It was only last week that I got trained by Olympians in how to make a Subway sub and learned that you're supposed to include exactly six slices of tomato — no more, no less — on a 12-inch sub. However, a rapid rise in tomato prices locally has apparently led to some Subway outlets becoming more stingy and only including one slice of tomato, citing cost concerns.

The high price of tomatoes at the moment is due to a poor growing conditions in north Queensland. I certainly got a bad case of sticker shock when I saw the cheapest tomatoes in my local grocer were $9 a kilogram recently, and rapidly replanned my menu. So it's not entirely surprising that the same thing is happening at a retail level.

Have you seen this happen in your local Subway or another takeaway outlet? And are you adjusting your cooking plans to cope with pricey tomatoes? Tell us in the comments.


    2 per 6 inch, 4 per footlong at the george st subway.

    And its been going on at least a fortnight.

    They should get 2 slices for a footlong and cut them in half, that would cover the length, and 1 for a 6 inch cut in half.

    never put tomatoes on my subs, but maroubra junction subway have that notice about tomatoes issues for quite sometime already, more than 1 month i would say

    We adjusted our meals several years ago to make them more seasonsal. One of the tricks we found was to take the tomatoes we had grown and make tomato relish. Then we can use that on sandwiches and stuff throughout winter adn spring until we start to get tomatoes in the garden again.

    This is pretty old news - my Subway has had a sign up about it for at least a week and a half now. Still, I haven't yet had one that had less than 3 slices at this stage.

      (on a 6-incher)

    The official policy at the moment is 2 for a 6" and 4 for a Footlong. Franchisees have been told it will be for approximately 6-8 weeks total so I assume another month. This is what I was told by the franchisee of the store I ate at today.

    Why would you buy tomatoes out of the tomato season? People have to stop expecting the same fruit and veg all year round. If you buy what is in season locally you can save a packet, and supermarket tomatoes are disgusting!

      I absolutely agree. The modern food production system really does disconnect people with produce. Both in availability and quality. If you've been freezing your arse off in Melbourne over winter, why would you expect to have tomatoes, or have them cheaply? I don't have a problem with Subway charging more, so they should. Or you could spend 5mins at home and make your own crappy sandwich too.

    i eat subway most mornings. 2 or 3 slices per 6inch sub.

    how are you only getting 1 on a footlong?

    The only tomatoes that seem worth buying at the moment are the small grape like tomatoes at Coles. None of the others have the taste or consistency of real tomatoes.

      Oh yes! They are a small PET packet with grape shaped tomatoes inside and a floral like logo I think in dark green from memory. I was very pleased with the taste, smell and price.

    Think the problem here is that they are all franchised and apart form nationally advertised specials they can charge what they like. However I always watch my subs being made and if I think they are being a bit tight with the goods I tell them and ask them to add more - One slice on a foot long! You have to be joking! Don's stand for it., Point to the pictures on the back wall and tell them you want that one. Else walk away and leave them with a half made sub.

    So when tomatoes are in season do we get extra? Or a discount?

    PLENTY of tomato in Nth Sydney, however, kI think the timing (4pm) had something to do with it (ie, it was going on my sub or in the bin). Eat fresh.

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