Is Your Subway Still Having A Tomato Crisis?

Three weeks ago, we noted that some Subway outlets were restricting the number of tomatoes included on subs because of high prices. Is that still the case? It seems to depend on where you are.

I had a Subway sub in Melbourne the other day and got the full complement of tomatoes. however, as the photo shows, some Sydney outlets are still restricting what they offer. On one level this is reassuring — it affirms that the tomatoes are relatively fresh — but it's annoying if that's one of your favoured ingredients.

Have you had this issue at your local Subway branch? Tell us in the comments.


    I run a catering company in Melbourne and the cost of boxes of tomatoes has risen from $25 per box to over $75 per box in the last two weeks

      Wow, that is insane. Is it a distributor level thing? I haven't seen this sort of price jump reflected in supermarkets, that's for sure. Must be making your job hard though!

        they've gone from about $4/kilo to $9-$11+/kilo in the supermarkets here about 2 months back.

      $59 a box atm from GSF.

        I've noticed that too. Tomato prices have skyrocketed. In Moonee Ponds, Melbourne I've been paying upwards of $14 per kilo for the last few weeks - there have been days when they get down to $8 - but it's WILD fluctuation...seriously weird. Couldn't even get any in the Melb CBD itself....I loVe tomatoes so this is a bit worrying.

    That issue should be solved in the next 2-3 weeks because tomatoes are coming into season and it should see a decrease in price down from the anywhere up to 15 dollars a kilo to a more reasonable 2-5 dollars a KG.

    Subway? I'm more upset that Coles and Woolies are selling damaged or green tomatoes at $10/kg

    4 on a footlong, 2 on a 6 inch (NW NSW)

      Haha - well that's no shortage - that's what I get on my sub on a good day

    Why won't these big retailers hedge the risk of price increase by buying futures contracts on tomatoes?

      Because then they get in trouble for "exploiting farmers" by paying "below market value". Then there's the problem that in times of short supply, there won't be enough tomatoes to fulfill all the futures contracts at any price.

    I can tell you that my local supermarkets in qld have an actual shortage. Crap quality, weather stained and most have been in fridge or frozen prior to being put on show.

    Back to full amount here in Alexandria. Similar occurrence happened last year with cucumbers.

    Officially stores got told today that they were to remove the notice and start serving the 3 for a 6" and 6 for a Footlong. So pretty much from now on you can question it with the stores. Emails came through this morning.

    My local subway has not had any issues with tomatoes, but they have recently had that same sign up apologising for shortages of capsicum.

    never seen the sign in the first place in multiple stores around melbourne

    Temporary Supply Shortage = Sorry We're Not Giving You a Micro Thin Slice of Tomato Because it Might Reduce Our Profit by a Few Cents

      Yes because the cost per kilo increasing by a factor of 100-300% would not put a strain on tight profit margins.

      I have not worked at subway. But I know with dominos they cost per kilo increased substantially. It did have an effect on profit margins, and I can see how subway who use more tomato per product would have issues.

      But some people are to self entitled to see past their own delusions of grandeur.

    Tomatoes are out of season, you should be all eating stuff that is in season anyway.

    Do we get a discount when they are in season and inexpensive? Subway should wear it.

    Was at coles the other day at Victoria Gardens. Roma tomatoes (my favourite anyway) were being sold for $3 a kilo. Their normal tomatoes were going for 9.

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